About Fresko Naturals

Fresko Naturals is based out of Karur in South India. We are one of the leading exporter and importer of fruits, vegetables based food ingredients including pulps, concentrates, purees, frozen fruits and vegetables. We also extend our services in agro commodities like spices, pulses, grains, nuts and oils seeds.

With over two decades of experience in fruits and vegetables business and having a background of agriculture is our core strength.

At Fresko Naturals, We are a team of enthusiastic peoples passionate about devising customer centric solutions for the food and beverage industry. We cater to both domestic and international markets.

Who we are

One of the leading suppliers of fruits, vegetables and agro based commodities built on strong technical and commercial expertise having systematic approach in meeting Customer requirements.

What we do

Attuned with latest trends involved in manufacturing methods, we are obsessed in serving our customers with high quality products.

Why Us

We have strong relationship with farmers and value high quality products. We believe in non compromising quality, competitive pricing, transparency in operations and effective cargo connect to meet our Customer needs.

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